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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  February 18, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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>> paul: if you have your own hit or miss, and please vote us on the web. that that is this week's edition. thanks for joining us. i'm paul gigot and we hope to see you next week. >> jon: on fox news watch. >> some people come to know conservative by their readings. i live conservative by faith and business and family. >> i'm not getting involved in bailouts, period. that to me is the folks would say, look he is a man of principle. >> the two front-runners run news ads and vying for media attention and some attention they don't need. >> only thing i know what he said. he is 0-1 with me. >> it was a stupid joke. >> jon: as for the other two, they are calling for gingrich
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and paul and stop the distraction. is it right for the press to push them out? >> media matters, line we had, we basically write their prime time. anything that pertains to fox news. >> jon: they call out left wing media mudslinging, including msnbc and ties to the white house. the d.c. reports reveals memos media matters planned attacks on fox news. what should happen now? superstar singer dies and media goes wall to wall with coverage but bill o'reilly thinks media failed. name me one person that said, hey, whitney, knock it off. >> and they go insane jeremy lin's cinderella story.
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judy miller, andrea tanteros. jim pinkerton. and kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. you to have accept it, my gosh, back in my days, they used aspirin for contraceptives and it wasn't that costly. >> it was bad joke. he shouldn't have done it. it certainly does in my opinion reflect on the campaign or me, he wasn't doing it as part of our campaign. >> that was g.o.p. candidate santorum to strong media to the remark you heard there. one of the supporters said about the issue of contraception
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earlier in the week. jim, it got all kinds of media attention. it was essentially blamed on the santorum campaign, why? >> santorum has strangely enough chosen to big donor to super pac to be on stage with him. it used to be present tense of distance between them but it's through the media. it's a part. >> jon: i think judy is in ordering in agreement? >> absolutely and media about, just wait until they hear everything that rick santorum believes about contraception and women's rights. >> he is leading in the polls. numbers rick santorum at least in michigan is up 34% to the
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mitt romney 30%. quite a stunning turnaround. how is the media reacting. >> i think they are covering it. look, i also think the contraception debate really mandates healthcare mandate played to his strength. social conservative. he is catholic. very outspoken about religious issues and it helps fuel it. >> jon: has the coverage of that contraception issue, andrea, been appropriate do you think. the media seems to be in favor of contraception and misses the larger picture? >> i think they were right on the mark until his campaign started to make the questionable comment. when you are talking about religious freedom at cpac he was winning but the media goes with
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trapping him and pulling out these things he said on contraception. i think it's getting in such a nuance issue of contraception, backed in a corner. maybe it helped him in michigan, one-third of the voters are going to be catholic but long term, i don't think he can win the nomination talking about contraception. >> jon: also expecting anti-santorum ads probable from mitt romney and others. santorum's campaign came out an interesting ad that shows mitt romney look alike shooting at santorum and missing all the time. even that got controversy. nancy snide are man, she didn't like the guns and violence. >> certain, two, you get the number of hits you make on republican candidates.
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i think its brilliant ad. everybody knows that romney and his super pac is going to clobber santorum with all his money and negativity. so he was brill yawt. it's funny about it. >> jon: media oxygen is taking up and we have gingrich and ron paul still in it. are they being ignored? >> like horses way back in the field, national review calling for newt to kind of get out of the race and leave it two heavy hitters. >> jon: here is what national review, when he, gingrich led the polls they urged him on the own arguments proper course for him, meaning gingrich is to endorse santorum and exit.
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do they have a point? >> they do have a point, but i think gingrich has a right to stay in the race. i can see the conservative media making the argument. the longer gingrich stays in, romz that helps romney. he should stay in the race. but what is fascinating, march 1st, we're going to have all the candidates would be cancelled because it would be newt and john king. he said i don't want to do that. they cancelled it because the other candidates backed out. that was an interesting development. >> jon: time for a break. if you would like to keep up on the media stories, watch the daily bias bash. up next, media matters and big plans for a takedown of fox news. >> new reports tie liberal mudslinger media matters to the obama white house and left wing media operations including
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msnbc. accusations all involve in an effort to attack the right and silence fox news. are the reports true? and a troubled superstar death gets big media attention but did the same media ignore the warning sign? answers are next on news watch. we can turn this weekend into a fresh floor... or an updated bathroom... or a brand-new look. so let's hit those orange aisles, and make today the day, we make a big difference, no matter how big our budget. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot maximize your budget with great buys, like mosaic tile, just $4.98 per square foot.
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... >> jon: david broke met with valerie qa jarret. they had weekly calls so democratic donors that give money and give it to media matters. >> so they have power, they have entry to the white house. they go back and forth. >> and influence in the press in the mainstream media. >> jon: that is tucker carlson and editor in chief of the daily caller which has been running a is a series of reports about mudslinging website media
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matters which accordingly influences over liberal operations, they have connections with the obama white house and will do all it can to go after fox news. according to the daily caller, 2009 internal e-mail to the founder of media matters, said, we must take fox news head on in a presidential campaign to discredit and embarrass the network making it illegitimate in the eyes of consumers. we should hire private investigator to look into an the -- >> jon: have you ever heard anything like this, judy? >> it's pretty astonishing. the fact is thank you very much, based on memo. i find it kind of astonishing
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the head of media matters he keas weapons for his personal protection. there was a lot of interesting material in it. and no one else in the media has picked up any of this and nobody has gone to david and insists that he comment on these allegations. it's very disappointing. >> you don't think the coverage it deserves? >> no, not at all. there is handful of places but most have been silent on it. broke and two other authors have a book and i imagine they are waiting for that to refute the charges. these are serious charges. an outlet like msnbc and nbc that writing news stories, they are saying because they are humiliated and embarrassed and rightfully should be. >> let's think about it this
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way. media center which is media watchdog group and they found they were targeting staff members at msnbc and on air personalities, i can't imagine it would not blow up that it was the biggest story. the fact there is complete silence is a major problem. when you people that work at fox news. basically we wanted to find stuff to use against them and destroy theirs lies. it's no the honest disagreements with them, by the way that illegitimate thing, does that sound familiar? how they were going to make fox news illegitimate. where did they get that idea? >> when the white house came out with that line, in tandem with the memo. >> back on march 26, when david gave an interview he was going to use sabotage, obviously the
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guy he is a little mad. but assuming it was him talking as we all get carried away sometimes. now thanks to the memo, it's on their website, this corporate culture of the organization. this is huge distinction. now what will happen next? they wrote a series of articles complaints about irs saying hey, what is going on here. do your job. investigate all this. irs did nothing. now i predict, i saw senator grassley, talking about investigating this. he didn't like it either but an actual congressional investigation that will make news. >> jon: we'll keep an eye on it here. time for another break. if you see evidence of media bias, e-mail us. are the media overplaying the
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>> jon: images out of iran show mahmoud ahmadinejad loading domestically made fuel rods into an at core of reactor and intent to start production of yellow cake to make enriched uranium.
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they ban importing yellow cake. it would further iran's nuclear self-sufficiency. we talked about it, iran wasn't getting a lot of attention on nuclear program. this week, the attention really is focused on it? >> right, they accused the media not just following the government into an war but leading the government into an a war with iran. look, the media are reporting what politicians, what the leaders of israel, what american intelligence people are saying. that is not cheer leading for a war. there ought to be distinction there. >> same kind line in the huffington post suggesting that the coverage of iran reminded them of the coverage that led up to the iraq war. >> let's also add a wave of
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terrorist bombings. but that kind of hook now. in addition to the charts and organizations so on, now you actually have people killing each other over this. it makes it there is a war already between israel and iran. >> jon: are the media beating drums for war? >> i don't see a connection to iraq. the iraq war was led by the government and media kind of got on board. there is nothing to suggest the obama administration is planning on going to war with iran. i think covering news that is important is actually the job of the media. >> jon: let's talk about the other big media story, the death of whitney houston, it sparked a big debated over whether the mainstream media encouraged houston's drug problem. >> you wrote this in column they don't have any include to cover
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the death of whitney houston because she was slowly dying for years and many press averted their eyes. >> i have seen dozens of stories over the years detailing the addiction and erratic behavior and denial of addiction on the part of whitney houston. >> they were exploiting the woman's condition. when was the last time you saw a public service announcement a singer and actor to say to the american people, you know you don't want to be like whitney houston, don't be like elvis. they don't exist. what we do is wink it we willie nelson it. they're stoned, that's fine. >> jon: what about that. does bill o'reilly has a point? >> i think matt lauer has a point. i think they have covered many
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stumbles, remember the infamous bathroom shot. there was a spoon she was using to shoot up crack. this bathroom shot was infamous. i think the media has covered the death fairly, but how do you cover it. people magazine cover there is a perfect. triumph and tragedy, i think the media got it right this time. they covered it fairly without being disrespectful. >> i looked at a photo montage on the website, whitney houston through the years. every single one of 60 pictures other than maybe a few pictures of the coroner's van at the end, every one was beautiful whitney. there were no pictures of all when he was whacked out. >> we talked about it earlier, you don't when you memorialize her, they won't have the picture
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in the bathroom. i don't think its whitewash but there has been a conversation she wrestled with drugs and she was very unhappy. >> you wonder prosecutors go after the person died how they get curious about the doctors. most insightful thing by nicky stix, tell me about the music industry, everybody loves you when you are dead. >> jon: one more break, the media goes lin-sane. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes. new pronutrients from centrum.
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>> a lot of you guys ask me how i got in harvard. >> jon: who is that, you ask? he is the latest media craze. a man behind headlines, lin incredible and lin your face. they put him on the cover. against all odds, even director and spike lee got into an lin sanity. >> it ends in lin. jeremy, i move so fast, i got
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it. >> jeremy lin undrafted and 23 years old. he graduated from harvard he was cut by two other teams and served as bench warmer for new york knicks until february 4th. he went on seven game winning streak. he is the n.b.a.'s first taiwan player. he a true player, tight with his family and religious. but despite the story, david brooks of "new york times" paints his dim picture of the sport he loves. jeremy lin is living this creative contradiction, much of the ang are when religion mixes with sport and politics wants to come when people deny the contradiction and there is only one set of qualities and everything


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